"That's what happens to other people..." –Silouan Green

Falling apart happens to the weak, that’s what we tell ourselves. That’s what Silouan Green once told himself. He was one tough Marine who looked down on mere humans with their “down days,” much less those struggling with thoughts of suicide or struggles with pills or alcohol. But, a devastating jet crash changed all that, and it took several years to put back together a shattered life after being disability discharged.

Judging those who despair and just can’t seem to find their hope is our common human condition. We want to believe that could never happen to us. But, as Silouan learns… literally anyone can get broken. The Moving America’s Soul on Suicide film project tells his story of suffering and courage and challenges us that suicide can happen to all of us.

Perhaps more importantly, those who have learned this all too personally and tragically and find themselves in painful anguish often can see neither a way out nor a way forward. Silouan also learned that anyone can find hope.

To learn more about the Moving America’s Soul on Suicide film project, please visit masosfilm.com/anyone-can-get-broken/ .

David Covington

David is CEO and President of RI International. He’s a behavioral health innovator, entrepreneur and storyteller, and the creator of HopeInc.com.