Maya - Rain

“Every storm runs out of rain.” –Maya Angelou

Now that you’ve read the above quote, I’d like you to just sit with those words for a minute. “Every storm runs out of rain.” This quote is reassuring isn’t it? We live such on-the-go, busy, chaotic, and stressful lives these days and the clouds surrounding us can get dense and dark. It’s easy to live in a constant state of being overwhelmed. I love what Maya Angelou reminds us of here… there are storms. They do come and they can last what seems like an eternity, but there is always an end in sight. The pounding rain will cease, the clouds will part, the sun will shine once again, and if we look around we are bound to find the rainbows. No storm ever comes without some form of a positive outcome. Just look at nature, though rain can bring flooding and damage it also brings life to the plants and animals which then are able to flourish. So accept that the storm is here, the rain is falling but it will end and when it does, keep your eyes open for the rainbows spreading life all around you.

Sarah Deats

Sarah Deats is a Behavioral Health Technician at RI International and the Hope Inc. Stories Inspiration Engineer.