Wellness Tool #11: Gardening

Gardening is a coping skill that helps to ground me, provides me with a sense of purpose, and most importantly, gives me a break from stress. You don’t need a garden in your yard to reap these benefits, a few house plants can do it too. Not only does gardening provide all of these benefits but it also helps me develop a sense of control over a situation and build up my confidence when it may be faltering. By taking care of something else, like plants, I am able to remember my self-worth.

Joseph Villarreal

Joseph is the Program Supervisor for the Eastern North Carolina Outpatient Clinics located in Greenville, New Bern, and Wilmington.  He is also the Secretary for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Council (DEI) and a member of the Peer Leadership Council (PLC).  Joe is also a verified social media marketer and a former award recipient of the National Association of Developmental Disabilities