"Watch this plant grow." —Randall Hale

I invite you with enthusiasm to watch a plant grow. A little watering, a little sun, and time to be left alone so it can grow. As I have been in my recovery, I have realized I am growing. This growth which takes place in all aspects of my life happens a little at a time and is not recognized every day. Like watching a plant grow, I do not see the change taking place if I sit and stare waiting for a leaf to grow. If watered and left alone, one day I see all the leaves that have grown all on their own.

This seed must first be planted in fresh soil so it can take root. If I stop watering the plant it will slowly wither away. If I remove it from the sun it will not receive the nourishment needed to survive. If I pour poison on it it will surely die! Do not pour poison into your life and you will grow.

You are the seed already planted on this earth. Take care of yourself and know that you are here to grow. The poisons can be removed from your life in many ways. For me, I asked my father in heaven to help me grow; he helped me stand up and find my way. I invite you to watch your plant grow, and find what moves you.

Randall Hale

Randall is a follower of Hope Inc. Stories and wanted to share his story.