Bill W

“Believe more deeply. Hold your face up to the light, even though for a moment you do not see.” – Bill W

Belief in a higher power is what led me to AA. After attending a few groups, I began to believe in myself and the power of partnering with others in recovery. We are all in this together and, for many of us, recovery is best done as part of a team. The process of recovery is hard and can become too painful to venture alone. Some people can quickly see a light at the end of the tunnel while others will experience a more difficult search for the beacon of hope that lights the path for many during their recovery journey. Sometimes, our team helps us find and stay on that poorly lit path when our light, our hope, is difficult to find.

I had lost all hope in life as I knew it. I was ready to give up and knew that the life I was leading was going nowhere. I was willing to do whatever it took to regain my life. I knew this meant getting sober. I had so many obstacles to overcome; all self-inflicted. Yet there was an angel in my heart. I have always loved others and I soon realized that I needed to turn that passion inward to start loving myself.

With sobriety, I have begun to regain my life. I am back in control. I have a passion and desire to live once again. I have hope! I have meaning! I am loved and I no longer wish to die. I once again enjoy spending time with others; even the presence of other women that I previously avoided because I was suspicious of their motivations. I see my assets and valuable attributes each and every day. Now, I have a desire to help others and to pay back what has been given to me so freely.

With Love, JG