“Treasure yourself for being, not doing.” –Gina Greenlee

“There’s nothing to fix, nothing to do, just be.” These were words I heard when I attended a workshop on anxiety. At that time, there were a myriad of things in my life that definitely “needed fixing.“ I could only change me, so there was a lot I needed “to do.” This concept of “just being” was uncharted territory for me, and I  didn’t understand.

Fast forward nearly six years. The transformative changes that have come through recovery, simultaneously with mystical experiences, created a deeper understanding of “there’s nothing to fix, nothing to do, just be.” Life is full of things to do; we all have responsibilities, yet it requires seeing beyond that. My intention now is to do from a place of being.

My morning walk is a time I make conscious intention to connect with Loving Presence. I know Loving Presence never leaves me, but sometimes – like today – I felt a little more distant without knowing exactly why. I said out loud, “Please help me feel more connected.” A simple prayer. I never know how it might be answered, but I’ve come to trust it will be. As I continued to walk, the phrase, “There’s nothing to fix, nothing to do, just be” popped into my head. It made me laugh out loud because it’s so perfect for me!

I had not thought of that phrase for years and it was given to me in answer to my prayer. My heart responded in gratitude; I took the next step on my walk not attempting to solve some issue in my life or think about the next thing I had to do after my walk. I could just be. Be in the moment, be in my body. What could I see or hear? What could I smell, taste, or touch?

I noticed so many things: a woman walking her miniature schnauzer, reminding me of the schnauzers I grew up with; a beautiful orange flower that I touched and took pictures of; my salivary glands being quite active as I passed a grapefruit tree; and a bee I heard circling a flowering bush. It all captured my attention.

By being, I was moved from a sense of not feeling very connected to immense connectedness. I carried this into my day that was full of things to do. Have you felt yourself just being lately, and is it possible to do more from that place?

Cheri Thomas

Cheri works as a Peer Support Specialist for RI in Arizona. She has experienced loss and grief which has led her to write for the masses to bring voice to those in similar situations. Cheri possesses a deep passion to share with, encourage, and inspire others on what she calls the Journey of the Heart.