"I choose my children, I choose my family, I choose to live!"

You are my darkest hell, Fire of misery
I’m fed up with missing my children, as they set alone missing me

All of my family’s love should have been stronger
But your power kept ahold of me longer and longer

I have died a many deaths to my life, I had become a ghost
Time is what I’ve grown to grieve over most

So many little moments just fade away
I remember those little things almost everyday

Meth made me a monster, so selfish and out of control
I had no means about me, couldn’t even accomplish the smallest goal

I could feel myself deteriorating, on the inside falling apart
I felt like a Meth vampire, cold blood cold heart

I didn’t like myself anymore, I had become numb to reality
I thought the world had drained the life out of me

But today I want my life back, I crave a great more
I’m still alive thanks to this cell door, I set behind, I sobered up
Today I realized I’m giving you up

You took things from me, I never wanted to give
“Goodbye to you Meth”
I choose my children, I choose my family
But mostly, I CHOOSE TO LIVE!

Kasey Raines