Let Everything Happen to You

"Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final." – Rainer Maria Rilke

Our family just watched Taika Waititi’s Oscar-nominated Jojo Rabbit for quarantine movie night and though I’d already seen the film a couple times this quote in the final frame again brought me to tears. It’s been a completely tragic 2020. Near crippling fear of COVID-19 followed by complete anguish around the economic impact of extended closures, business failures and unprecedented unemployment. And, this week, many states on curfew due to concerns about rioting, looting and unrest, at the same time thousands of people risk their lives during a pandemic to peacefully protest the killing of George Floyd and the racism and injustice we’re so often seeing documented in video. And, at the very same time, I’ve felt such joy watching the courage of our teams being there, in person, for those in desperate pain and crisis despite their own fears. They’ve just kept going… Rilke encouraged us to hold on to our hope and not be overwhelmed. Take it all in, and know for certain, none of this will last.

David Covington

David is CEO and President of RI International. He’s a behavioral health innovator, entrepreneur and storyteller and the creator of HopeInc.com.