Juneteenth Poem: Black Man

Thank you for loving me patiently, caringly, kindly
Please do not cease caressing me with your kind words
Baby… I like… how you call me to you
With your eyes, body, spirit, and soul.
I respond to you with all of me
Nothing will I withhold
Hold me close to you
Your heart beat sings to me
Your embrace fits me perfectly
Let me stay a little while in tune with you and me
The world stops
While your love touches me intimately
I look up as your beauty your eyes wash over me
Truth is I loved you the first time I saw you walk by
Like water.. tall dark African Prince… refreshing
Like a dream and you touched me with your words
Embraced me with your look

Sabreehna S. Essien

Sabreehna is a local Artist from Tacoma, WA, the owner of ND Art Studios, wife of Joseph Essien, and mother of Joseph Jr. and Israel. She is the IRT-MHP for King County and teaches Shattered But Not Broken: Art Therapy, a group that helps individuals process pain related to Trauma, Grief, or Loss with therapeutic art techniques.