Wellness Tool #13: Pottery

Like painting, ceramic pottery making is a very powerful artistic route that can support those suffering from mental health disorders. By physically shaping items you can work on exploring your creativity, awaken your natural resilience, and have a great time making something for yourself and others. If you’ve got a real knack of it you can even use them as gifts for holidays or even a whole career. These can both be great goals if you’re looking for a less stressful activity or career for yourself.

Joseph Villarreal

Joseph is the Program Supervisor for the Eastern North Carolina Outpatient Clinics located in Greenville, New Bern, and Wilmington.  He is also the Secretary for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Council (DEI) and a member of the Peer Leadership Council (PLC).  Joe is also a verified social media marketer and a former award recipient of the National Association of Developmental Disabilities, N.A.D.D.