"No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That's the only way to keep the roads clear." —Greg Kincaid

I know I’m not the only one who has moments in life when we feel every ounce of the world’s troubles are sitting on our shoulders. This seems to be more common since COVID hit and life as we once knew it completely changed. Now there is more uncertainty, everything is more of a process than it used to be and just the costs of living a simple life can feel extraordinary. But I don’t know a single person that has just given up. Despite all the change, the processes, the expenses, the expectations, the losses, and the strife the last few years have carried… everyone has plowed ahead. With this fierce resilience we have as we recover from the shock of the new world we are keeping the path ahead clear. Not just for us (and this is the most important part) but we pave the way every single day for those around us and behind us. Think back through history and you can see the same pattern. The persecution of people due to race or religion, the devastating economic losses in generations past… these people and their resilience in recovery cleared the path and paved the way for us to continue to succeed. So next time the weight of the world feels it’s going to crush you, carry it with pride and plow the way for those that may not yet have the same ability to do it. We are the strength of tomorrow and the example of today. Resilience is the armor we wear to project Hope.

Sarah Deats

Sarah Deats is the Hope Inc. Stories Inspiration Engineer. Her goals are to make a connection with everyone that she can while building community, spreading hope, and sparking change. She believes that while life may not be easy, it is never lived alone.