"We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace, and the norms and notions of what 'just' is isn’t always justice." —Amanda Gorman

The world watched as a young woman spoke her truth during the presidential inauguration. And she touched many. How could an unknown young poet do something that so many individuals before her tried, but failed to accomplish? She spoke her truth with love and intention in a world where yelling has become the norm. She was quiet yet determined. Composed yet forceful as she delivered her words. She shone the light on injustices, instilled hope for the future, explained her personal experiences, all while demanding a call to action in her own way. She spoke her truth.

As I listened and re-listened to her words and feeling inspired by it all, I have come to realize that a quiet consistent voice can demand change when words are spoken with purpose and truth. Quiet but firm can open space where loud cannot reach. I will use the quiet to speak truth with intention, to build other’s up, to shine light for justice, and to instill hope in others. So use the quiet to speak your truth in love and honesty. You might just create a movement for many. You might create a sacred space for one.

Joy Brunson-Nsubuga

Joy is the Vice President of the Southeast Region for RI International. She is an expert in Medication Assisted Treatment and is the leader of the RI Opioid Consult team. Joy is also a member of the RI International Diversity and Inclusion Council. She has determined that her purpose in career is the same as her purpose in life; to assist with breaking generational and systemic patterns with compassion, creativity, and consistency.