Wellness Tool #9: Walking

Nature walks helps with clearing my mind and recharging my battery to deal with whatever comes my way whether at work, home and etc. Having a walking partner aids in having someone to talk to while holding one another accountable for our mental and physical health, as it creates accountability in us both and allows us to work together to reach a goal. Regardless of what’s happening in my professional and personal life, I feel that there is always time that can be put aside to just get outside and reconnect with the environment around me and remembering that everything goes through phases just like the seasons.

Patricia Ward

Patricia is the Lead CPSS at the RI International Outpatient Clinic in New Bern, North Carolina.   When asked to be a part of the mental health squad, she was delighted. Her motto is “Be proactive about one’s mental health. Caring for your mental health is just as important as one’s physical health. So let mental health care be intentional.”