Bending Tree

“Focus on what’s strong, instead of what’s wrong.” – RI Peer Employment Training

It is a fact that trees grow stronger, their trunks widen in circumference, and their roots stretch deeper into the ground when they are blown by the wind. When their trunks and branches are sheltered from wind, they might grow taller and straighter, seemingly stronger, and certainly more beautiful, but they are weaker with narrower trunks. What might seem weak, withered, and wrought holds a secret. The secret is there if we can look deeply into the hearts of people. Even what has been crushed can be bolstered and shaped if we can connect to strengths. We are powerful. We have gifts and strengths that have carried us through hard times. If we look back, we can see the mountains we have climbed, now far behind. We may weep, we might shout, scream, and stomp, but we will be the strength we need. We will be strength, because when it comes down to it we will take another step and another and even if someone pulls us or carries us for a while, while we heal, we are still what is strong! Let go of what’s wrong, find what is strong inside you.

Lisa St. George

Lisa St. George is the Vice President of Peer Support and Recovery for RI International. Lisa St. George has treasured serving at RI for the past 20 years. She developed and implemented many of RI’s peer support services in Arizona, California and New Zealand. Lisa St. George was a primary author of “Peer Employment Training”, “Advanced Peer Practices”, “Supervisor Training”, “My Wellness, My Doctor, and Me”, “Transformational Advocacy” and many more trainings for RI International. She is an expert in peer support and recovery practices and shares from her heart and experience in support of service to the people we serve.