Where it all started

I told my boss I could paint. Could I have a group where I could teach participants and the staff? She said, “Oooh. Yeah. Let me think about that.” Next thing you know, she’s telling me she has this room that needs a painting on the wall. I thought, “What a blessing! I can paint something cool on this wall.” I hid words all throughout, like where’s Waldo? Words of resiliency and empowerment. It draws from the surroundings, as we’re literally in view of Mt. Rainier in Fife (just south of Seattle). Our CEO was visiting and used the space to make some phone calls, and just loved it… especially the wee raccoon peering out from the tree. The rest is history… I’ve completed nearly 20 of these full wall murals in crisis facilities from California to Delaware. Click here to see more detail.

Lucy Schwartz
Lucy is a Peer Recovery Specialist at RI International and has spread her mural magic in RI International crisis facilities across the United States.