Andrea Papin quote with illustrative growth of a seedling

“Your worth is not determined by your ability to thrive within an oppressive culture.” –Andrea Papin

We live in a world that has unbelievably high societal standards. We are never enough. Intelligence, success, strength, abilities… The human psyche has a need to be part of a community and to find its place in the world. Yet that same community is the one that we derive our worth from. It’s never going to say we’re enough and we spend an exorbitant amount of energy proving to society our worth.

Worthiness comes from within. The choices I am making – do they fit in my understanding of life? Do they treat others with dignity and respect? Do I enjoy the person I am because of those choices? Determine your definition of success and then grow from there.

Who do you surround yourself with personally and professionally? Who’s in your corner? I find I am at my best and find myself worthy when I have folks that keep me true to what I believe in and love me for me. Those people keep me honest and closest to who I am. Others, that are not as supportive, can crush our spirits and knock us down easily.

Find your circle. Keep them close. Allow them to keep you honest. There, you’ll find your worth.

Kristen Ellis

Kristen has worked in the mental health field since 2013, with a focus on crisis work, substance use services, and bringing a voice to lived experience. Her ambition is to change the way mental health care and recovery is seen and achieved, so to redefine what it means to defeat adversity.