"Backs to the wall. Never give in." —Marcus Luttrell

I’ve recently been reading a lot of stories about people who survive against all odds. With the chaos of life today and so much uncertainty in the last 18 months I really needed stories focusing on strength and resilience. I’ll share a few of these stories through Recovery Talks because I know strength and resilience go hand in hand with hope.

The first story I read was from Marcus Luttrell who was the sole survivor of a Navy SEAL team in Afghanistan. Reading his book was amazing because he is a decorated war hero and extremely humble. Throughout the book all he talks about is his team and the buddies he lost in 2005. His strength, resilience and the hope that helped him hold on against all odds was based in the belief and understanding that he wouldn’t be left behind.

He so passionately expresses the importance of the SEAL community and makes the reader yearn for that same assurance and connection. He also talks about how it’s ingrained in training as a Navy SEAL to never give up. Doesn’t matter what you are facing, you don’t give up. This resolve and the knowledge that the rest of his SEAL family would come for him kept him alive.

It’s these things that each of us need to develop within our own community of supports. The knowledge that no matter what we or someone else is facing, we/they will never be left behind.

Creating the connections, the tribe, the family, the community will keep us fighting when hard times come and help carry us out when we need it. Fighting the battles in life with support surrounding us means we just can’t lose. No matter what, even if our backs are to the wall… we never give in. Strength, Resilience, Community… HOPE.

Sarah Deats

Sarah Deats is a Behavioral Health Technician at RI International and the Hope Inc. Stories Inspiration Engineer.