“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you ever felt the hurt of betrayal or heartbreak? It can feel devastating. It can feel as if there is no possibility that we can move on from this pain. However, when that person exits your life and time moves on, the pain dims and the impact of these memories fade. Make no mistake. These people and the pain they effect can cause remembered pain, but it is the trial and tribulation of the event that can help us grow stronger.

Then there are others. Those true friends who stood beside us during the pain, during the joy, and all the moments in between. They are the constant presence in our life. They are the support that helps us stand tall. They are the true friends that will leave a lasting footprint in our heart. I can only hope that for true friends I am theirs as well. That I will leave the footprint of a true friend in their heart.

Karen Jones

Karen Jones is the Chief of Staff at RI International. During the past eight years, she has been involved in the many initiatives at RI including Crisis Now, Zero Suicide, Hope Inc Stories, and others. The mission of RI is close to her heart and the driving force in everything she does to support the people served at RI from guests to employees to our partners.