Lama Surya Das

“If it looks like wisdom, but is unkind, it’s not wisdom.” –Lama Surya Das

With so much going on in our country and the world right now, kindness is more important than ever. As the worldwide pandemic continues to rage, hatred and bigotry toward our fellow humans is accepted and role modeled by many of our public officials and we all consider our choices for our future leaders, where does kindness fit in? It can feel so tempting to pay forward our frustration, anger, fear, and confusion. Sometimes it can even feel justified. After all, we’re just speaking the truth, but what next? We can find ourselves in the swirling tempest of what we get and what we give.

It’s important to know:
You can be honest… and kind.
You can be assertive… and kind.
You can be angry… and kind.
You can be afraid… and kind.
You can be uncertain… and kind.
It’s just a thought. What do you think?

Judi Holder

Judi Holder is the Recovery Services Administrator for RI International’s San Diego programs and has been with the company for more than 18 years. She is the author of the Wellness and Empowerment in Life and Living (WELL) 4th edition and the co-author of Creating Healthy Habits, a five session program to help people develop the skills and tools for healthy lifestyle choices. Judi has shared about her own personal recovery experience with service providers throughout the country.