Wellness Tool #24: Chatting with Loved Ones

I love my daughters so much, and they are tremendous people who inspire me every single day. Their needs come first, and their laughter and tears remind me why I am here. My love for them is unfathomable! Talking with them gives me immense joy. We love and support each other! We are all in!

Lisa St. George

Lisa is the Vice President of Peer Support and Empowerment for RI International.  Lisa has treasured serving at RI for the past 20 years.  She developed and implemented many of RI’s peer support services in Arizona, California, and New Zealand.  She was a primary author of “Peer Employment Training”, “My Wellness, My Doctor, and Me”, and many more trainings for RI International.  She is an expert in peer support and recovery practices and shared from her heart and experience in support of service to the people we serve.