From within

Changing my life meant changing how much I cared about myself. That’s really how I overcame a desperate desire to end my life.

I get asked all the time what I did to move away from suicidal thinking. My answer has always been that I made myself the biggest priority. I knew if I wasn’t happy, life wouldn’t feel worth living. So I put myself first in every situation where I had the option. But really what I did was care so much about myself, that I sincerely wanted the best for me.

I knew what hurt me. I knew what helped me, what challenged me, what made me strong, and what absolutely destroyed me. I knew what was best for me, and let it break my heart to think about anything less.

I cared.

I moved away from a town that made me lonely.

I left a job that took from me and found one that helped me grow.

I dissolved relationships and let people go.

I learned to recognize every time it hurt and fixed it before it got too far.

Separating myself from suicide didn’t start with putting myself first, it started with caring enough to put myself first. I chose to live for me. And in doing so, I set the intent to create a universe that begins from within.

Craig Miller

Craig is an award winning author, speaker, and photographer and was featured in the S-Word Documentary. You can learn more about Craig and his work at