Mural in Peoria Arizona by Lucy Schwartz

Traveling to a New Life

When I was down in Peoria, AZ last year, Chris Damle and his staff showed me a wall in their new facility that was almost finished.

This wall was the largest one, to date, that I have done for RI International. The wall curves around a corner leading to the site’s nurses station. Chris and his staff gave me some ideas and a few pictures of inspiration to work with. They were sharing about the East Coast ocean views and my mind immediately went to the sea turtles that are protected in the Carolina area. These animals are hatching from their eggs and rushing to save themselves in the water —  their safe haven. Many of us are walking to our safe haven, our new beginning, our start over point. It was so peaceful as I painted as I could hear the waves and feel the breeze.

Peoria now has four murals which covers most of their units. Thank you, Peoria team, for all the hugs and praise I get when I am with you. You are truly a ‘”got it together“ group and I’m very proud to know you!

Lucy Schwartz

Lucy is a Peer Recovery Specialist at RI International and has spread her mural magic in RI International crisis facilities across the United States.