"Moving on is a gift you give yourself." -Joan Rivers

We’ve discussed before that life is full of change. Some good, some not so good and some that we bring on ourselves. For those of us that struggle with change it can feel like a form of sick torture to make changes. I’m facing change once again, those one is something I’m choosing and even though it’s a positive (hopefully) and healthy (very) change… its still terrifying and painful. I’m moving from the job I know into something that I’ve always wanted to do and I’m giddy but nauseous. I can feel my spirit stretching and growing though, that’s encouraging for sure. I know that the moment I made this choice, to step from comfort into growth, that I would never be me again. Not the me of this moment anyway.

Moving on is not easy, its grief in a way for a lot of us. Moving on, even to positive things still mean losing part of who we were. Its easy to focus on the pain, the scary and the doubts… but those just drag out the process rather than help it along. So why not listen to Joan and view it as a gift? For me, I’m giving myself a chance at the career I’ve always wanted and the opportunity to help people in a very real way. I’m giving myself growth, hope and the ability to see a difference in the world. I’m choosing moving on, painful but beautiful.

Will you gift yourself a new opportunity too?

Sarah Deats

Sarah Deats is the Hope Inc. Stories Inspiration Engineer. Her goals are to make a connection with everyone that she can while building community, spreading hope, and sparking change. She believes that while life may not be easy, it is never lived alone.