It’s in our passion we find our purpose

A morning snow fell just for me
And diamonds shined in yellow beams
I spun the world with my belief
But cried myself to sleep

It’s through our tears we learn to see

In my darkest days, God showed his grace
Through a velvet veil of blood and pain
On grateful knees I fell to pray
But I was so afraid

It’s in our fear we find our faith

Beneath a starlit sky and an earthly bed
We believed a promise had no end
She held my heart and took my breath
But “forever” died in autumn’s death

It’s a broken heart that knows love best

Words fell fast through a mind of holes
And filled my pockets full of poems
I took a chance and left the road
But I was so alone

It’s the path we make that leads us home

Then there came a day when I’d fallen weak
And tied my hope from a hanging tree
I begged the lord my soul to keep
And fell to darkness in my sleep

It’s in the dark we learn to dream

So when our eyes are set on the closing scene
Through the dust and haze we’ll finally see
That the battles we thought claimed defeat
Waves the tattered flag of our beliefs

It’s the wars inside that bring us peace.

Craig Miller

Craig is an award winning author, speaker, and photographer and was featured in the S-Word Documentary. You can learn more about Craig and his work at