Wellness Tool #17: Therapy

Therapy is used to help create open and honest communication between you and your therapist to tackle issues that create distress in you. Through this relationship, you can focus on how to manage these stressors and overcome life challenges. I personally enjoy seeing a therapist that works well for me as they support me in seeing things in a new perspective and aids me in my goal of growing into the person that I was meant to be.

Pamela Harts

Pamela is a CPSS as well as a substance use and recovery advocate with RI International in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  She has been with RI for six years and states that she has enjoyed working with RI since obtaining her peer support certification.  “I am a member of our facility’s Leadership Council and currently assist in the training process of new peer support staff.  This training includes teaching new staff the RI Way and how to moderate group sessions in the facility.”