Wellness Tool #16: Guided Imagery

Guided imagery gives me a way to release negative thoughts and change my thought pattern while embracing my inner strengths and peace. I feel that this is important as it allows me to change how I view obstacles in my personal live, and allows me to come back to problems with a different inner energy to tackle them. Guided imagery helps enhance my quality of sleep as well, which is a very big personal goal that I have for myself since I’m usually busy balancing so many different things during the week.

Patricia Ward

Patricia is the Lead CPSS at the RI International Outpatient Clinic in New Bern, North Carolina. When asked to be a part of the mental health squad, she was delighted. Her motto is, “Be proactive about one’s mental health. Caring for your mental health is just as important as one’s physical health. So let mental health care be intentional.”