Wellness Tool #15: Gratitude

In recovery I have discovered that I am a natural negative thinker meaning my thoughts innately go to the negative. Recovery has taught me that I control what I think so if I can be a negative thinker then I can also be a positive thinker. I have found creating a gratitude list to be a beneficial wellness tool for me. I use it as a way to transition from the negative to the positive. It reminds me of my recovery journey starting life over again without a home and with 11 cents to my name. It is the people I’ve connected with on my journey that have meant the most to me.

Stephan Iaboni

Stephan is a Peer Support Specialist at the Outpatient Clinic in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Stephan says, “My six years of recovery and four plus years as an RI employee has helped med to realize my meaning and purpose in life – trying to help other people.”