Wellness Tool #5: Time Off

My work as a peer support specialist helping those in recovery from mental health and/or substance abuse issues can be very emotionally draining at times. In fact, I have had to go home from work when I was not able to leave my personal life at home. After all, if I can’t offer hope and encouragement on a particular day, I need to go home and reassess my self-care plan. Taking time off from work is an important wellness tool for me. This gives me a chance to wind down and recharge my desire to help others. After all, the way for me to best help others is for me to be at my best which comes with rest.

Stephan Iaboni

Stephan is a Peer Support Specialist at the Outpatient Clinic in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Stephan says, “My six years of recovery and four plus years as an RI employee has helped med to realize my meaning and purpose in life – trying to help other people.”