Wellness Tool #4: Coloring

Adult coloring is a way to remain being a youth a heart. Though to some it may seem silly that an adult is coloring, I personally find the activity very self-soothing on days that are difficult. Coloring helps me remember to stay care free and live in the minute forgetting all of my life stressors. Adult coloring aids in helping me explore my creativity, the best part is I can combine it with other wellness tools such as meditation and reflect on the quotes that I am shading in within the pages of the activity book.

Patricia Ward

Patricia is the Lead CPSS at the RI International Outpatient Clinic in New Bern, North Carolina. When asked to be a part of the mental health squad, she was delighted. Her motto is “Be proactive about one’s mental health. Caring for your mental health is just as important as one’s physical health. So let mental health care be intentional.”