Look at where you are

“Look at where you are. Look at where you started. The fact that you're alive is a miracle. Just stay alive, that would be enough.” —Hamilton by Lin-manuel Miranda

2020 is rough. Some are using quarantine to “become the best version of themselves” and others are using their last ounce of effort to find the motivation to get through the day, or maybe a combination of the two. The worst thing is the guilt the latter feel when they begin the comparison game to those that are portraying they’re doing fine. It’s easy to believe we’re failing, but we’re the one thing in life we can control. We get to decide how we’re feeling each day. My goal could be to get out of bed, get dressed, eat three meals, and go back to sleep. My goal could also be to train for a marathon or lose 20 pounds. We have different paths. The only path we’re on is our own with visitors along the way. Those visitors can inspire us to greatness and leave an imprint, or we can choose to allow their success make us feel less than. We do not know the effort it has taken them on their path, and maybe they started years before us. The fact we’ve made it this far is incredible. Use what you have today, look at what you’ve done, and keep going.

Kristen Ellis
Kristen has worked in the mental health field since 2013, with a focus on crisis work, substance use services, and bringing a voice to lived experience. Her ambition is to change the way mental health care and recovery is seen and achieved, so to redefine what it means to defeat adversity. She is a storyteller and the editor of HopeInc.com.